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The BREWSTER/BRUSTER Family Network is more than just a set of web pages.  Here we give you links to Internet resources that will assist you in finding more information about your elusive ancestors.

For those of you out there (like me) who are at an absolute dead end as far as your BREWSTER/BRUSTER ancestry goes, it may be time to consider joining the BREWSTER Surname DNA Project at BREWSTER Surname DNA Project

Benefits of Surname DNA Testing

 * Eliminate or confirm relationships.
 * Focus research towards related families.
 * Direct research into a geographical area.
 * Direct research into a specific timeframe.
 * Establish country or region of origin.
 * Confirm if variant surnames are same family.
 * Learn your family's pre-surname migration.
 * Strengthen weak paper trails.
 * Avoid pursuing false connections.

To join the Network, all you have to do is post your queries, join the mailing list, and use the other resources on the links page or join the DNA Project.  All postings to the queries boards are monitored on an ongoing basis, and if a member of the Network has information to share, they will either contact you by e-mail or they will post a response to your query.
As a member of the Network, we encourage you to join the BREWSTER mailing list at RootsWeb because queries posted on the BREWSTER board are gatewayed directly to the mailing list, thereby assuring that you do not miss an important message that may aid you in your research, or perhaps you can offer another Network member your assistance.  Remember, we are all working together to complete our genealogy puzzles!!

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